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Software engineer job hunting skills

Why Important?

We, as software engineers, are good at crafting binaries, writing code, fixing bugs and solving difficult problems. Yes, these things are in our blood, our natural professional skills, of which we are proud. But we have no talent on job hunting, not at all.

No doubt, majority of us—including me—suck drastically at negotiate better salary when hunting a job. We have no idea what to do but accept a mediocre salary. Day in day out we polish our engineering skills, yet totally ignore soft skills—such as salary negotiation skills—that are essential to keep us on the right career track and advance faster in long run.

In one of our Helsinki Chinese IT Pro meetup events, ~20 software engineers were assembled voluntarily and openly discuss the topic of how to hunt jobs as a software engineer. From this session, I literally learned a lot.

In order to help more software engineers, I made this video to go through the most important points that were discussed.

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Let’s get the rubber hit the road now.


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