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Using Pluralsight to Learn Salesforce

What is Pluralsight?

One of excellent ways to learn IT stuff is to follow along coaching videos recorded by subject experts.

After spending some time to google around and comparing between couple of online IT training video websites, I decided to purchase annual subscription of Pluralsight.

That was 4 years ago. Since then, I have been a continuous subscriber and never regretted its cost.

I have seen Pluralsight grown from a simple inventory of IT coaching videos to a trusted IT coaching service provider with massively diversified knowledge content. And many people working in IT had recommended it highly.

What I have learned

It is literally too many to list down here.

Some examples: Javascript, Typescript, Continous Integration, DevOps, MachineLearning, C#, Testing automation, TDD, Jenkins, Visual Studio Code, Salesforce DX, Salesforce Lighting Component, SharePoint, SQL, No-SQL, Career planning…

Nowadays, Pluralsight has an amazing long list of learning paths/topics to choose from. Check it out, there gotta be something you want to learn, right!?

Salesforce Courses

Not a big surprise that Salesforce courses appear in Pluralsight too.

Here is the search result by using “Salesforce” keyword. As of today, 35 courses avaiable already!

Play By Play: Diagramming Salesforce Solutions

This course is recorded by Matthew Morris and Don Robins. In the video, they firstly present the business requirement. Then they analyse and translate the requirement to a salesforce technical architecture design.

By finishing this course, you get a clue of how a Salesforce architecture role gets his job done well :). and Apex Fundamentals for Developers

This course is made by Dan Appleman, (yet) another well known author, software developer and speaker.

This course content is tailored for people who already have some programming experience and want to learn and Apex coding skills. If you are one of these guys, do not miss this course!

Other Salesforce Courses

There are many other Salesforce related courses with topics like Workflow, Apex coding, Javascript in Salesforce, Customizing Salesforce with Lightning Component, Introduction to SOQL, etc.


Hopefully till here you are convinced to purchase it. So go there and grab your subscription now.

Oh, don’t forget to leave your comment how Pluralsight helped you to advance your career!