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Pluralsight Subscription, free-of-charge!

What is Pluralsight

If you don’t know, it is video learning platform that all developers should use.

Need more words? Check here => Why Pluralsight.

Salesforce developer?

As of today, 41 Salesforce related courses are available, oh yet more are coming all the time.

Hit here to see up-to-date info => Salesforce search result in Pluralsight.

Get 3 month free of charge

No credit is needed.

It is not only for 3 month!

Register a new account and it’s another 3 months. Well…again and again till this free lunch is gone.


Here are steps (no bullshit no ads):

  1. Browse to Micorsoft visual studio dev ensseital site => here.
  2. Register a new account (I always use a valid email account though it might be optional).
  3. Under the benefits page, 3-month Pluralsight sub is at your hand. Screenshot below.
  4. Use a valid email address when activating Pluralsight service. You might wanna retrieve your password in future.
  5. Yes, there are other benifits under dev essential too. You are welcome to take them all.


Really, who pays for me

We all know there is no free lunch. Microsoft might or might not pay to Pluralsight. I do not know.

I guess—it is a joint strategy from Pluralsight and Microsoft to attract people to get use to use this service.

Alright, enjoy!