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How Git works?

Time to learn Git

Needless to say, for years git has been the Defacto version controlling system in the industry.

There were various hassles preventing Salesforce developers from fully embracing version control and Git. Thanks to DX, however, this is no longer the case.

Just like learning all other tools, it takes time to aquire a solid understanding for Git. While usually we do not have the luxary to learn yet another “toy” for months.

So people/developers tend to learn along the journey with trial and error.

Don’t get me wrong, trial and error is a fundamental method of problem solving, I use it too. It is definitely a right approach!

What value I bring in in my video series below is to reveal how Git exactly works under the hood – i.e. how git thinks.

After watching these videos, you should have armed with solid understanding about Git and been able to quickly learn commands & tools in Git’s ecosystem.