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Money, banking and central banks

Just as the title of this blog–“Learning has fun”–implies, not only software craftsmanship but also variety of other fields fulfill my desire of learning and open my eye view.

Money and banking are two of the most important elements in our social economy while all I knew on this topic is to earn salary and deposite into a bank that I trust. How dumb am I? I know :D!

What is money? What is bank? What roles do they play in the global economy? These questions are difficult to answer by rookies like me. They seem mysterious yet intriguing.

Money, banking and central banks video series from Khan Academy is a free-ofcharge fantastic course denoting to answer above questions. Oh, it assumes no knowledge on economy and uses drawing and story-telling to put complex topics into layman’s terms.

For me, the most intersting topics from this course are:

  • Banking and money
  • 2008 bank bailout
  • Foreign exchange and trade
  • Chinese currency and U.S. debt
  • Greek debt crisis

If you are interested in economy in general but don’t know where to start from, give this course a shot! Don’t forget to let me know what you have learned in the comment zone :).

Again, learning has fun!