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The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story


The Hot Zone is a nonfiction thriller by Richard Peterson.

It is a book depicts the origins and incidents involving four types of ebola virus, which are in Bio-safety Level 4 agents, extremely dangerous to humans. How dangerous? Stronger symptoms and more high fatality rate than HIV.

After finishing the book, I give high regards to the doctors and virus scientists who were involved. Also I started to realize that deadly viruses like ebola are getting closer and closer to remove human species from the earth.

From a higher perspective, I do see that human species also act like a dreadful virus on this planet. We expand uncontrollably, we destroy our planet rapidly, and we reproduce ourselves massively. So how does the nature react to us, the virus? Apparently, it tries all the means to kill us before we eradicate it. Perhaps this is where the ebola viruses come from. They are the immune system of the earth.

If you enjoy thriller story and want to know how horrifying ebola viruses are, this is a book for you.