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Salesforce IDE - Illuminated Cloud

I have used Vim, Emacs and Visual Studio. For Salesforce development, I am an active user of VSCode. But I wanna give IntelliJ Idea + Illuminated Cloud a try. Reasons:

  1. Many developers are fond of using IntelliJ + Illuminated Cloud, I assume there must be some cool features that make them addicting, and I may never experience in VSCode.

  2. I had a chat with the author of Illuminated Cloud, Scott Wells, in my little podcast. I enjoyed the conversation and admired how he dedicated his time on continuously polishing this tool.

  3. IntelliJ has a IdeaVim which simulates Vim. I figured out most of vim keys can be seamlessly used in IntelliJ, which shortens drastically my hotkey learning curve.

Therefore, I decided to give the combination of IntelliJ Idea and Illuminated Cloud a try for one month or two and see how it goes. After all, I have learned Vim and Emacs the hard way, learning one more modern IDE shouldn’t be overly difficult, isn’t it?

Often used shortkeys

Here is the list of keys I am learning:

Function Win/Linux MacOS
Auto-indent line(s) Ctrl + Alt + I Cmd + Opt + I
Reformat code Ctrl + Alt + L Cmd + Opt + L
Expand/collapse code block Ctrl + NumPad+/- Cmd + +/-
Go to next/previous editor tab Alt + Right/Left Ctrl + Left/Right
Go to implementation(s) Ctrl + Alt + B Cmd + Opt + B
Go to previous/next member declaration Alt + Up/Down Ctrl + Up/Down
File structure popup Ctrl + F12 Cmd + F12
Insert Live Template Ctrl + J Cmd + J
Rename Shift + F6 Shift + F6
Refactor this Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T Ctrl + T
Extract Method Ctrl + Alt + M Cmd + Opt + M
Extract Variable Ctrl + Alt + V Cmd + Opt + V
Extract Constant Ctrl + Alt + C Cmd + Opt + C