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one year goal

I finally, yesterday, made my 1-year goals, a side hustle, a big goal for me. They are:

  • one podcast episode per week
  • one youtube video per week

It would be so difficult to achieve above 2 goals. But I decide to laze focus on them 100%, 1000%.

What have I done? I stopped hosting the local clean code meetup, which I love and made a lot of great friends. I stopped investing time to learn details of crypto. I stopped actively learning other programming languages. I will now only focus on those 4 points.

What are challenging points? These are what I can think of in addition to persistency:

  • how to get podcast guests for weekly schedule? I need to spend a lot of time and constantly seek for new high quality guests
  • select topics for youtube videos

Btw, this also means my spare time schedule changes. A lot of entertaining time, which was already much less comparing to before, will be cut off.

Nevertheless, these are the compensations I agreed with myself, so I will stick to my decision and do the side hustling for 1 years!