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Stategy for My upcoming Youtube Channel

In yesterday’s blog thread, I specified the 4 goals for the upcoming one year. One of the goals is to create a youtube channel and post one video per week.

I spent some time to think about what content to put out and also did some search in youtube around Salesforce developer related channel. After my research, I realize that this is a blue ocean, meaning not many big fishes existing yet.

At this moment, I consider this is what type of content I plan to create:

Short time period

3 - 5mins videos might be a good start. This should be good length for starters. For one reason, it is easier to shoot and edit, for another, it is easier for audiences to consume – by given that the content is engaging.

High quality content

At the beginning, it will definitely take time for me to trial and error. But I have the confidence to create relatively engaging content. In addition, my Premiere Pro editing skills are a plus.

Put myself into audience’s shoes, a Salesforce developer video topic longer than 10mins drastically reduce my interests as my brain won’t be able to consume and digest that much technical content.

Good topics

I have an idea list to write down good ideas popping up in my head. I will start with instruction and setup type of videos, as they are for beginners and will attract more audiences. Obviously, beginners are far more than advanced developers.

Learn Youtube SEO

This is a big rabbit hole, but good news is that so many free and high quality content is free in the internet. In addition, if I put a bit more attention to youtube and google search SEO, I am already 50% better than most of amature youtubers.

Also, I found it intriguing to learn SEO skills. I always love to play and polish tooling skills from both gaming and programming fields.

Audience commenting

I dont have a sophisticated idea on this. But I know how important it is to engage audiences and let them voice out. The more I let audience talk and create content they need, the more attraction the channel gains.

Video talking skills

This is something I am not very good at (yet). English is not my native, I still found it is difficult to talk in a clear manner and express myself well.

And talk to the camera is something I also need to learn. But hey, this is exactly why I wanna achieve this goal, right? It is all about practicing, practicing, practicing until I master it.

Can’t wait to see my first youtube videos on my Salesforce Way channel!