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Sleep Issue

I used to be proud of my sleep “feature”. I fall into sleep instantly once I get bed. I sleep through the entire night without waking up.

After our first kid was born, I needed to wake up and take care of the kid. Now couple of years passed, I gradually lost the instant-fall-into-sleep feature. Especially in Finland, too much light during the summer. It makes the situation worse.

Maybe my age is also a contributing reason. People say the older you get the worse the sleep you get.

Another reason is that I want to act on some things I want to achieve in my life, it takes time and effort. But since the time is so much squeezed after having kids, the only part we can “borrow” from is the sleeping time. I know it is bad in the long run, but often just couldn’t help but stay longer in the night after kids went bed.

Before bed, my brain is very active, usually. It take a while to calm down and enter the sleep mode. If kids wake up for whatever reason, and I have to get up, then it is very diffuclt to go back to sleep anymore, meaning more than one hour sleepless.

If I go to bed at the same time when kids go bed, 8:30PM, then I might wake up on 3 - 4 AM full of energy. Sometimes it means even less sleeping hours during the night.

Maybe this is part of adult life? Maybe I can get my feature back when kids grow up? I don’t know.

Oh, I may should get rid of phones 30 - 60mins before bed time. I tend to nowadays put the phone away from bed so I dont have the accessibility before bed or after waking up. It helps sometimes, but not always.

I also wish there could be a snap time after lunch. This is very common in China, but not at all in Finland. In Finland, people are supposed to take coffee to stay over, which is just obviously bad in terms of health.

Did you have similar problem as I do? How did you fix it?