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Perseverance always wins

I subscribed to Peter Mckinnon’s YouTube channel. He has gained several millions of subscribers in only couple of years. I love his personal style in videos, very natural, very uplifting and positive. More importantly, I can learn skills of video shooting, which assist me for my upcoming very own YouTube channel.

One of his recently video was made along with his father. It is a Q&A session. One answer from his dad impressed me so much. The question is like “what #1 point you helped Peer learn in his life”. The wisdom old man answered “perseverance.”. He further explained, “perseverance always wins.”.

This reflects another point from one of the books I listened (audio book) recently – don’t ask me the name of the book, I don’t remember. A survey was done for hundreds of millionaires, all of who said that they make decision promptly, and they change the decision slowly if any. There is no exception, not one single exception from hundred of millionaires.

I want to practice and obtain the perseverance feature. My 4 goals in the upcoming one year will help me.